Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week in Bancroft - from way back in August!

Lots of family, food and talking.

 Mmm are these guys family too?

 Celebrations of Birthdays, an engagement
 and an Anniversary!

The weather was perfect for lots of fun in the water, sand and sun!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our Baby Girl Turns One!

Proud as ever to be walking all the way down the hall on her first Birthday!
(she's been practicing since she was 10 months)

She showed a lot more interest in the cupcakes than in the gifts

Here Jesse is helping her open her gift from him

Phillip's gift to Julia

Curt giving Julia her first rose 

A tea set from Mom

We also gave her her first doll

She couldn't wait to get her hands on this!

As you can see she really enjoyed this cake eating experience!

Friday, October 12, 2012

September Week Away with Curt's Family - Part 2

Curt and I took a little canoe trip together.

Uncle Jer cleaned most of the fish for us.
Phillip and Jesse learned quite a bit from him.
...for instance what do you find in a fish' tummy?
a big crayfish!

They look like they are ready to kill something.

Mending his net with Julia watching.

So excited to be here!

Bed time stories - not sure who's reading to who.

We played a lot of game after the kids were tucked into bed.

Saturday rained all day long.
The babies didn't seem to mind at all.
No, in fact Julia learned to stand up by herself as you can see in the picture below.
Only one day before she turned 8 months old!

The boys on the other hand watched a movie...

 ...and were read to by Uncle Matt
 ...and Aunt Ruth
 ...AND by Daddy.

 There was silly time with Uncle Matt
 phone time with Aunt Ruth
 and a game called how many on a couch.

Then much too quickly it was the last full day :(
Some more time spent in reading or catching up on sleep.
A Snake!
 Uncle Jer on Julia duty.
 One last big adventure for the boys.
Canoeing across the lake, up a creek and to a beaver dam.
(I think this happened the Mon. before we left but I could be wrong)

 Bathtime for Naomi also means the end of the day for us  

 Bedtime story which I think they got almost every night there from Daddy!

Praise God for a blessed time with family from far and near!
(we missed the families of Steve and Laurie and Jon and Kny)