Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trip to Brockville, ON

I got a preaching exchange with Brockville URC for a Sunday. So, after leaving Phillip with Opa & Oma in Bowmanville, we headed up with Jesse to a cottage they had arranged for us. The cottage was on Graham Lake, about 15 minutes from the lovely rivertown, Brockville. The hospitality we received was great -- we were spoiled!!
On Monday, we headed back -- but we took our time by driving down the Thousand Islands Parkway, along the St. Lawrence River. Although it is winter and the weather was cloudy, it was still very beautiful. One thing that we thought was crazy was that there was a cottage on every island -- no matter how dinky the island or how close the shoreline.
We stopped to climb a rock, and after peaking behind some "No Trespassing" signs, we saw this statue, facing the river. There was no way you could see it from the road.
We went through the town of Ganonoque, which looks like nothing from the 401, but is, in fact, a very picturesque little town, with nice old church buildings, beautiful riverviews and old houses. Here are a few pics of it:
An Anglican Church (stupid powerlines, as Oom Cor would say)
St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Just a cute house next to the church
There was cool alleys on every block, so we just had to try go down a few. Then Jen got tired of that and we moved on.
What Jen wanted to do -- a 5 hour trip to Boldt Castle and back, through the islands with a tour of the castle. Only open in the summer. Phew (just kidding).