Saturday, January 26, 2008

Winter's Always Better on the Other Side of the Lake...

Phillip and Uncle Tim on the family deck in winter's first snowfall

Saturday, January 19, 2008

If Life Were a Drama, Part 2

(a continuation from Part 1 on Ruth's blog)

Our Baby Sis, Ruth

An eligible miss, sweet and kind, whose sunshine keeps the faces round her smiling. She loves to
help and join in, or simply just talk. She's a regular toy benefactor and the sock & scarf outfitter of her tyrant nephew, Phillip. Yet her openhearted benevolence reaches not only to the realm of people, but also deep into the animal kingdom: she is smitten with affection for her canine friends(now distant or removed), she operates a goldfish orphanage out of a jug (she hasn't the heart to flush or flay the critters), and her recent new aspiration is to adopt a baby fox(do foxes taste good?).

She's also recognized as the artsy one among us: she paints on walls (check her room), makes splendiferous greeting cards, and composes entertaining poems and blog entries. And she's the great storytime advocate so we can all feel like we're in Kindergarten again. She's an Anne of Green Gables when it comes to sleeping -- maybe not in a canoe reciting poetry, but at least throughout the house and especially in the backyard in the green grass where the sun can warm(and scorch) her face and the wind can unlock the tresses of her hair. But among her traits, she's also uncompromisingly principled. Her conservative views together with her courage bring us reports of a continuing battle she wages with her evil professor.

But lest one think she's pure intellectual, she's also a genuine blond.
The fact that her social circle stretches to cities and areas beyond the Niagara Peninsula means much time in transit. But for Ruth, normal traveling times are greatly extended because she is quite geographically challenged. In fact, it is hard to remember a trip where she did not get lost! I believe she has now taken a liking for gas-bar boys. Yet, this has one advantage, curfews are now useless. And if you think Ruth's problem is bad, imagine what happens when she gets together(if she can make it there) with her two blond (I use this term with great affection and almost no condescension; ) ) cousins!

Among her other quirks, she's a picklejuice drinker and gourmet sauce connoisseur (she tries sauce with everything or with other sauces). As an even younger youngster, she would make itty-bitty popsicles from any edible household product she could find. She still loves making food concoctions, a few of which are not suitable for human consumption (as in her recent mango affair). Nevertheless, while her food concoctions may not all be desirable, her character mixture is charming and wonderful. She's our sweet lil' sister, a gift from God, an upright young lady, and a joy to have around the house! We love you "Aunt Ruth!"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Congratulations Jaco & Rashida!!!!

We give thanks to God for the birth of their little precious girl, Amina (just over 5 lbs!). In God's grace, both the baby and the mother are doing fine, despite the troubles they have endured. May God bless them in the months and years ahead!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ready for a nap!

What's more important -- food or sleep?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Getting ready for the border... at VD Makeshift Studios

As you might know, we had hoped to go Holland, Michigan for an internship, but the US denied us visas. The process of applying included pictures, of course (with specific requirements). The good thing, or so we thought, was that we could do them ourselves instead of paying the money for someone else to take them.

Unfortunately it did not work out, and we still had to go and pay the money. Here are our attempts at taking a picture of Phillip -- instead of closing his mouth and having a natural expression, he told us what happens when a train goes past Grandma's house.

"Dr. Phil" as his Uncle Jer would say.