Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Overview of our Fall

1. Charleston Lake Provincial Park
After a busy summer, we took off on a week and a half camping trip to Charleston Lake, a park between Kingston and Brockville, Ontario. It was a wonderful time, since this was the first time we had a vacation together for more than a couple of days since our honeymoon. Since this was Jen's first time camping, we left Phillip at home for the first 5 days or so in the competent and loving care of Phillip's Oma and Opa, uncle and aunts in Bowmanville.

Heading out in our canoe on the lake, watching the loons.

After one of our canoe trips, a heron was fishing near our landing spot. So, as we approached, we started flashing pictures.

On Sunday, we went to the Ebenezer URC of Brockville and had the privilege of sitting under Rev. John Roke's preaching. After, we drove up to Ottawa to visit our brother, Jeremy. We went for a walk around the Parliament buildings and then down to the Ottawa River.

Some romantic antics our camera captured along the way...

During the camping trip, Curt did a "little" fishing. Actually, we caught quite a lot of fish, but here are the two larger ones: a 2lb 13 oz largemouth bass

and a 3 lb 3 oz smallmouth bass. They both tasted very good! :)

Oma and Opa V. brought Phillip back to us!! How happy we all were to see each other again. Phillip really enjoyed it as well!

2. Prince Edward Island
After our camping trip, Curt preached for one Sunday in the URC churchplant in PEI. He had a great time there for the 48 hours he was there. Here is the view of the East River valley from the living room of the place he stayed at.

The group rented this little church building for their services. This is a typical maritime church building: white, clapboard, with a prominent steeple.

3. Dad & Mom's VD's 35th Anniversary Celebration
We, the VD kids, (helped) host an open house and reception for(with) our parents. We are thankful for the love and devotion they have heaped upon us! While, unfortunately, Jonathan was not able to make it since he is in Viet Nam, Laurie came from Washington state, along with her daughters Emily, Marie and Holly. Phillip had such a good time with Holly(although he did frequently bully her), and he still asks about "Olly!"

Shortly after this, Curt, Phillip and I went to visit my new midwife. (Yes, praise God, number two is on the way and due April 24, 2008!!) After, we enjoyed a delicious almost *free* lunch at Boston Pizza, using one of our Welcome Wagon coupons.

4. Steve & Amy's wedding
Lastly, we had the privilege of attending the wedding of our cousins, Steve and Amy.
May God richly bless their new life together!