Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elora Town & Gorge

Last Monday we just had to get away.  Where else than one of the cute little towns around here?  Though there's just a limited amount to see in a small town, we still had lots of fun.

A beautiful lady we found there.

Perhaps slight mixup between a millstone and a ship's wheel.

Jesse was quite awestruck by the waterfalls.  He kept saying in a low voice, "Wow."

When driving through new countryside, you always end up seeing new stuff you never knew was there before. On our way back, we stumbled upon "Kissing Bridge."  We didn't know we had the real thing here in Ontario.  Phillip thought it was great, especially driving through it, which we did a few times.  :)

We got back to Kitchener around 6pm, and as we promised Phillip, we went to "a fun place;" a three layer indoor jungle gym -- lots of slides, and a ball room.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend (2) - Thanksgiving Day

Curt had hoped to take Phillip to Rockton fair on Friday, but since we were not able, and since we were in Cambridge on Thanksgiving Day, we decided to go there for a couple hours together on Monday.  Though it was quite chilly, the kids loved it!  Jen's youngest sister Esther, was with us too, and she was amazed at how big the fair was.

One of the first things we saw was a horse show.

This juggler is not only juggling a knife, bowling ball and apple -- but taking a bite of the apple every time it had in his right hand!

The trampoline show was fantastic, though the music was bit too loud -- we kept the kids ears covered.

No fair experience is complete without cotton candy!  Phillip and Jesse were addicted after a couple bites.

We saw quite a few animals, although many were already brought home.  All the cattle were gone -- sorry Ben!  The sheep show was Monday, though, so there were lots of sheep.  The kids loved running their fingers through their soft, thick wool.  We also saw lots and lots of poultry and doves and pigeons.

And no trip to the fair is complete without rides.  But we(Jen, Esther, Phillip) only went on one since it's way too expensive.  Phillip absolutely loved it, of course.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend - Saturday

Another weekend with lots of driving...  but lots of fun and enjoyment.  On Friday night, Phillip and I(Curt) were going to go to the Rockton Fair Demolition Derby, but we canned that because of the rain.  So instead we all hopped in the car and went to Bowmanville.  On Saturday, we got a look at the ten new offspring of the Vogel household.

"I can't catch that wabbit!" Jesse chasing the rabbit around the backyard.

Mark and Mike working on their new project

On Sunday, Jen and I left the kids behind with her parents and went to Brockville and back for a pulpit exchange.  On Sunday evening, we drove back to Cambridge, so I could preach in our home church for our thanksgiving service.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Phillip's 4th Birthday

A Phillip-style cake.  I'm afraid he liked it.  Our lips and mouths, however, turned green.

Phillip had a little party, with Dad & Mom VD and Ruth, and Pappoo and Yaya from next door!

Lots of presents!

The neighbour's present -- two water proof crank flashlights for Phillip and Jesse!

Jesse playing with his wind-up crocodile from Grandma

Way too many presents!

Daddy saying:  "These presents will do for the next three years."

Oh, and a great present from the N.'s -- a Tonka dump truck!  Wow!