Friday, January 11, 2008

Ready for a nap!

What's more important -- food or sleep?


Ruth said...

Food... Sleep... Play... Kids live such delightfully uncomplicated and simple lives. This is an absolutely fabulous clip!

Ruth said...

Ha, I just thought of something else: food, sleep and play (and work) was the essence of my life in the pre-blog, pre-facebook days... and now here I sit, at 11pm, when I could be delightfully and uncomplicatedly sleeping. That son of yours is a wise man!

The Wilsons said...

Oh ... adorable! Philip is so big! What a few months, or a few more than a few months (it's been too long!), can do!

Miss you guys.

The Wilsons

kev & cj said...

that is toooo cute, guys!! (i've seen it before but i guess i never commented - and ashleigh wanted to watch it again today) what a hunny he is :) love your valentines dinner & other posts - hope you're feeling well Jen! praying for you all - love carole & fam