Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Trip to a Cottage on Georgian Bay

A couple weeks ago, we went on a family vacation to a cottage just north of Parry Sound on Sand Bay. We were thankful we could take along Abby for company and for help with the kids. Towards the weekend, Dad and Mom V. also came up for a few days. Here are a few pictures.

A quick stop by the Bobby Orr Hockey Hall of Fame for the sake of the hockey-luving Vogels'.


Blondie said...

My, my! Looks like you all had a blast :) I didn't realize you had pics up here... I should check on you more often ;)
Btw, who's idea was the Hockey Hall of fame?? Dad's or Phillip's? I don't see Abby being terribly interested in that... not to mention Curt ;)
Love and hugs!

Curt and Jen said...

It really wasn't in our plans to go there, we just sorta stumbled upon it. And then we thought, well, we at least should go in and take a few pics or otherwise we might be stomped by your brothers and possibly even disowned for disinterest in Canada's infamous sport. So hopefully we did them proud.