Friday, December 26, 2008

More Random Pictures

Camping out in the tent in the living room

Jasper comes over!!! Wrestletime ... and Storytime

Ethan and Gideon over

The sleep-robber, hardly remorseful


Matt said...

Hey, that picture of that "sleep-robber" is really cute! Thanks for the post. I was just going to chastise you for not having a new post (after you chastised me), when I say this one. :)

Laurie said...

I agree! That closeup of Jesse is ADORABLE! Hope you have a relaxing & happy new year's (or does that just make it extra busy for you with all the extra services, Curt?)

Kelley and Kimberli said...

Love the pictures. It's so good to "see" y'all again! I added your site to our Google Reader, so now we can stay informed and in touch. Sort of, but hey, whatever works :o)

Ruth said...

Ha, I LOVE it!! The picture of Jesse... I feel like printing it and taking it out for a laugh every time I need one :D