Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few More Ordination Pictures (mostly taken by Phillip)

Aunt Chrissy and Jesse before we left for the service and below of Phillip

Perhaps another VD ordination in 25 years or so?
The rest of these save the last were all taken by Phillip after the Ordination Service.
Thanks so much Pete for capturing the evening on video!!
So glad you were able to fly out to be with us!
and Matt too!! (and we'll be awaiting yours, D.V.!)

Such a great honour to have Katrina and her mom(Tante Marg) there!

The day after celebrating with our Church family


Laurie said...

Nice pictures! So interesting to see everybody from Phillip's perspective... makes you remember just how different it is from our own :) Phillip looks so cute all dressed up. We wish we could have been there.

Matt said...

What??? Pictures??? I thought this site was dead!

Very nice pictures... that one looking up at Phillip is pretty neat. It's interesting seeing all the other ones from the perspective of Phillip... I wonder why little kids don't get sore necks by having to look up at everyone all the time?

Matt said...

Oh.... after publishing my last comment, I see that Laurie beat me to it on both counts. She always was a little quicker than me (7 years, to be exact). :)