Friday, October 02, 2009

Phillip's 4th Birthday

A Phillip-style cake.  I'm afraid he liked it.  Our lips and mouths, however, turned green.

Phillip had a little party, with Dad & Mom VD and Ruth, and Pappoo and Yaya from next door!

Lots of presents!

The neighbour's present -- two water proof crank flashlights for Phillip and Jesse!

Jesse playing with his wind-up crocodile from Grandma

Way too many presents!

Daddy saying:  "These presents will do for the next three years."

Oh, and a great present from the N.'s -- a Tonka dump truck!  Wow!


Laurie said...

"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Phillip,
Happy birthday to you!"

Love from Uncle Steve & Aunt Laurie, cousins Emily, Marie, Joel, Holly & Jenna

Jenn, did you make that beautiful cake? If so, you are very talented!

Curt said...

NO NO NO I didn't make that cake. I can't do that sort of thing at all! It was just a Zehrs cake. Next year I may try to make one for him myself since this one was quite a bit of $$. Anyways he loved it and it saved so much time for me. My favorite part is wrapping the gifts so that's where I end up spending time.
Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!