Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spring walk near Jordan

A couple weeks ago, we had a scenic outing with Dad & Mom VD, touring the beautiful landscape south of Jordan.  We first went and saw this old maple tree, and then enjoyed a beautiful walk around a trout pond and through a forest of thick-trunked, high-topped trees.
Dad found this tree with our nieces Emily and Marie a couple years ago.  From Wikipedia"The Comfort Maple tree is a sugar maple located in Comfort Maple Conservation Area in the Town of Pelham, Ontario. The tree is estimated to be about 500 years old. While this estimate is not based upon a complete ring count, if correct, it would make this one of the oldest sugar maple trees in Canada."

We tried a bit of fishing... Jesse and Phillip are learning well this most-important family tradition.

Our sons and their Grandparents.
Thanks for the lovely walk Dad and Mom!!

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