Friday, October 05, 2012

September Week Away with Curt's Family - Part 1

Our destination was Limberlost Point on Commanda Lake.
Thanks so much to the owners of the cottage!!
All packed up and ready to go.
 I don't think our poor van has ever had so much in it and on it before. Curt has become quite the crafty, innovative packer.

Spent Monday night at a hotel much to the kids delight. 

Finally after hours of driving we made it to this beautiful cottage.

Almost like camping in that you feel like you're right among the trees with all the windows.

Curt making supper while I take pictures even though he's dying to make a cast or two.

This became the kids; favourite cottage past-time:  spending time at the dock, looking for crayfish, clams, minnows, and fishing from the dock.

even Dad joins in

Our first dinner. We all fit around the table very nicely.

Fishing trip to start the day.

For the fishermen in the family I've made this picture extra large :)

Phillip still hasn't had enough fishing.
Below Jesse tries his hand at catching baitfish. 
(I wonder if his Uncles put him up to this - poor guy)
on duty, yes sir!

They call it fishing for a very good reason!
(always fishing, never catching)

Special visitors from Restoule Park!!
Too bad I only have these pictures of their lovely visit. 
When you're having a great time you forget to take pictures. 
Thanks for visiting us Uncle Rudy and Aunt Mary!

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Matt said...

Thanks Curt & Jen for the pictures! (We're making this comment the second time now... grr. Hopefully it works.) We really enjoyed seeing the all, especially the fishing comments. One note: Jen, you maybe should have wrote "For all the fisher-people here" as even Ruth went out fishing! Not just once either! :-)
We really enjoyed the week. Seeing the pictures make us miss you the more. But until next time!
Love, Matt & Anne-Marie & Naomi