Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ruth Comes to Visit Us!

Ground-Breaking for the New Seminary Building
February 17 - on a damp, cold winter day (cold for SC), just before Ruth got here. This would be Ruth's worksite for the next week, grinding back the mortar between the bricks on the face of the building, and cleaning bricks that had been torn off the front of the building, which would be used to make the window openings smaller.

We took Ruth out for an afternoon to experience the downtown area of our beautiful city, Greenville. At the end of our walk downtown, we came to Reedy River Park.

What the writer was thinking of with the song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow..." (actually, it was some of Ruth's hair in front of the lens)

At the top of Reedy River Falls

Erosion can be pretty

Early daffodils

The day before Ruth left, we went to J. Verne Smith Park (on John A. Robinson Lake) for a picnic. We didn't realize the park closed at 6PM, but the kind rangers left it open a little bit longer. We had a good bbq and a wonderful time.

Phillip is ready to chauffeur Ruth back to Canada...

Visit Ruth's Blog to see her side of the story.


Abby and Tim said...

Wow we love the pictures!! We would love to go to those places some time when we visit you again.
The roots of that tree from the erosion are amazing!! Tim loves how it looks like Phillip is the "pot of gold" at the end of the "rainbow"!
Oh and tell Phillip we'll take him up on that chouffeur offer anytime! :)

-Tim and Abby-

Abby and Tim said...

Oh by the way Happy Birthday Curt!! God's blessings.
Abby and Tim

Ruth said...

Hmm, good memories :) And for Curt, Happy Birthday!!!

Curt and Jen said...

Thank-you for the birthday congratulations.

And Phillip's offer is only for the way back to your house. You have to find a ride here. Also, it expires in two weeks. So hurry up a little.

From your oldest, wisest, best bro,

amy said...

Happy Birthday! :)
Wow, Phillip's getting so big! Scary how fast time goes . . .
God Bless!

Abby said...

Ok I'll be over this weekend! Oh by the way if Phillip is bringing me back he may as well stay and visit for a while. :)