Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Husband!

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow... I Love You!

We give thanks every day that our Heavenly Father gave you to us. First, as a husband to me and now as a father to Phillip. We love you! ~ Jen & Phillip


Anonymous said...

Ah, I've found your blog. It looks really nice, Jen (it appears that you have been doing most of the typing?). Happy birthday, Curt! Another March birthday... I think that brings the amount of people I know whose birthdays are in March up to fourteen. Sheesh! It's nice to see pictures of Phillip - I miss seeing little children out here; it gets rather boring being around university-aged people all the time. :(

Jen said...

Happy Birthday, dear cousin! You must be getting old-- since you are older than I and I'm going to be 27 this year! ahh!
Your son is getting so big. he's awfully cute.
take care, Jen, Henry and Megan