Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hunting Island - Day One

Our friends once again, as a gift to us, volunteered to look after Phillip for two days. So we took them up on it and headed out a few days later. We've always wanted to visit the State Park on Hunting Island and this was our last chance. We were not disappointed! As you'll see from the pictures, we camped, (which was as wonderful as the romantic dreams I had of camping -- so very good), Curt did some fishing, and we took two long walks on the beach. The park was so beautiful - the pictures just do not do justice.

Our long walk the first afternoon we were there.

Remnants of a wooded area which looked really beautiful.

Campfire dinner - never tasted so good!

The Palmetto.

"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. "
Psalm 19:1


Ruth said...

Dreamy pictures! Looks simply amazing... Am I to understand, though, that this is your FIRST time camping Jen? If so, I think a family camping trip is in order :)
The palmetto picture is pretty good, but you're missing the moon :(

Jenny said...

I'm starting to get jealous of you guys and your mini-honeymoons!
Looks like a lovely trip.

Curt and Jen said...

Actually, Ruth, I have been camping before, its just been a looong time ago. However, a family camping trip would be great.

Jenny, we certainly have enjoyed these special little trips. They have helped to keep our sanity among the busy-ness. I highly recommend them, if you get the chance!

Abby said...

Wow simply beautiful!!! The beach looks so nice, and I love all the different looking trees. It reminds me of when we were in Florida!! Did you swim... or was the water pretty cold?
Well I better get the house cleaned up for when mom and dad get home! ttyl

carole said...

i am so glad you had a great time!!! it certainly does look beautiful! jen, that was a perfect opportunity to try out camping - i imagine it would be easier the first time without kiddies along. we will have to try it out ourselves sometime (although you have the advantage over us in that Curt is an experienced camper - neither of us are, so maybe it would take more to hook us lazy bums :) )...hope exams are going well!! we're praying for you - God bless!