Saturday, March 10, 2007

Three More Chicks to Name!!!

Curt bought three more chicks a couple days ago to keep our two company.

An Amerocana, (Henriette)

a Barred Rock, (Humpty)

and a White Rock for something different. (Muffy)

It's taken them some time to get used to each other. However now they all get along quite well - although we have noticed that our first two still stick together.


Ruth said...

Oooo more chicks! Where do you BUY chicks? (Other than the 50-pack of them, which would be too much of a good thing) I'm thinking I might do a "they followed me home" gig :)
How does Phillip treat them?

Curt and Jen said...

Greenville Feed & Seed sold them to us - 2 bucks a piece.

I did a quick google check for you - try Fleming Chicks Limited,
4412 Ontario St., Beamsville, ON L0R 1B5. It might be a little work to have full-grown chickens at your place, although I'm sure you could find somebody to take them from you - or you could eat them.

Chrissy said...

Do you need names for these three "Chicketeers" as well? Are hugs and kisses from the sweet blue-eyed owner (namely Phillip) awarded to those who send in the best names? :)

Curt and Jen said...


Laurie said...

Too bad they don't stay so cute and little. Do your landlords keep chickens?

Curt and Jen said...

Yup our landlords do! So when we're done with them we'll put them in with the other 40 or so chickens.