Thursday, March 08, 2007

Phillip's New Chicks

The long cook in the oven...
Phillip can't wait, although he had no idea what he was waiting for.
Sunday evening the first chick pipped.

By Monday morning the second chick pipped. Worried that these chicks might not make it we took it upon ourselves to help them out a little. We chipped away the shell around the air cell. Very shortly thereafter our first chick emerged. Since it was a success we did the same to the other one and happily got the same result.

The first chick "hatching" (how will Phillip ever eat eggs again?!).

The second one taking a much needed rest.

This was the second and last of twelve eggs to hatch. (9 infertile, 1 died before hatching)

(On the left we have Hatchette, on the right, Pip)

Aren't they cute? The black one is a bantum, which is why it is quite a bit smaller.

HELP!!! Phillip is taking suggestions for the names of his chicks. Winner is entitled to a hug and kiss from Phillip (some restrictions may apply).


the vogels said...

awwwww... they are sooo cute! Here are some suggestions.. Muffy and Buffy! We would all like to win a hug and kiss from our sweet nefew Phillip!
Love Oma, and the Unkel's and Aunts!

Matt said...

How about... Breakfast and Lunch? No, no, bad idea. How about... Humpty and Dumpty? Considering that they both broke their eggs to get out? :)

Jonathan said...

How about Pip and Double-Pip (to balance out the extra L's in Phillip)? Or Ego and Hatchette? Or Pill and Pert? Or Viet and Nam?

Grandpa & Grandma said...

About names for chicks:
One suggestion, though I sure like Jonathan's. How about Henriette or Hen? ( assuming it's a she of course. I've had a chicken named after me before ( the Mitchells' , who lived in the Woodbridge parsonage before the VanDykens.) It would be the next best thing to having a kid named after me which isn't recommended esp. by me.
Now when do we get the hugs and kisses?

Emily said...

Awww... so cute I just want to skoop them up and hug them all.

Jeremy said...

how about CDB 1 and CDB 2? Curt will know exactly what I mean.